• EPI-NO Canada
    For A Better Pregnancy

    Innovative products to support you through pregnancy - prepare and prevent.

    • Less back pain
    • Prevent Diastasis Recti - aka Mummy Tummy
    • Maintain a strong core and pelvic floor

    We are proud to be the Canadian Distributor for the revolutionary birth preparation device the EPI-NO.

  • EPI-NO Canada
    For A Better Child Birth

    Childbirth can be optimized with the right knowledge and preparation.

    • Prevent tearing and episiotomy
    • Shorten pushing time
    • Reduce likelihood of incontinence and organ prolapse

    Prevention is key and we have a variety of preventive and restorative products and services to support you.

  • EPI-NO Canada
    For A Better Recovery

    Restoring strength and function postpartum is an integral part of your long-term pelvic health.

    • Get rid of your mummy tummy
    • Feel confident
    • Enjoy your favourite fitness activities without leaking

    Core restoration programs are just some of the postpartum services we offer.