• Your Pace Yoga DVD: Relieving Pelvic Pain

Your Pace Yoga DVD: Relieving Pelvic Pain


Many people experience pelvic pain and feel very alone with this diagnosis, but pelvic pain affects millions of women in their lifetime.  Pelvic pain can manifest as tightness and pain in the abdomen, perineum, rectum and tailbone.

This DVD is produced by Dustienne Miller - a licensed physical therapist at Beyond Basics Physical Therapy in New York City and a certified yoga teacher, having earned her certification through the renowned Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts.

Ms. Miller received her masters in physical therapy from Russell Sage College and continues her education with the Herman and Wallace Institute, the Upledger Institute, the Barral Institute, and the Institute of Physical Art. Ms. Miller danced professionally in New York City for several years, most notably with the national tour of Fosse. She has also worked backstage at several Broadway productions as a physical therapist with PhysioArts.

Dustienne passionately believes in the integration of physical therapy and yoga in a holistic model of care, helping individuals navigate through pelvic pain and incontinence to reach a healthy and pain-free life.

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