• Pfilates DVD

Pfilates DVD


A system of exercises that promotes the strengthening of the pelvic floor to aid in recovering or enhancing pelvic floor strength, essential to normal bladder control and sexual function.

How it Can Help

Pfilates goes beyond kegel exercises by using movements that condition the pelvic floor but also tone the thighs and butt. Using pilates exercises based on extensive EMG recordings taken from the pelvic floor, Pfilates was created to provide a widely accessible method of recovering or enhancing pelvic floor strength.

About Pfilates

Pfilates was created by American Urogynecologist Dr. Bruce Crawford to provide a method of home pelvic floor fitness training accessible to a broad population.  In creating the Pfilates program he has ventured to provide a plyometric (movement oriented) method of pelvic floor exercise that could be incorporated in to any regular fitness routine. His neuromuscular research reveals that movements which engage the external hip rotators, adductors of the thigh, transverses abdominals, and gluteal muscles also facilitate, or induce, a pelvic floor contraction. This information has proven especially useful for women unable to perform an isolated voluntary pelvic floor contraction.

Pfilates is intended to be preventative but also a therapeutic alternative for those already experiencing symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction. For patients that have already had surgery Pfilates can help protect the investment and reduce the chance for recurrent symptoms.

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