• Lunapads Organic Postpartum Kit

Lunapads Organic Postpartum Kit

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A collection of organic Pad+Liner inserts suitable for postpartum flow and perineal healing

How it Can Help

The Lunapads Organic Postpartum Kit is specially designed for postpartum use and includes more liners than our other kits to accommodate very heavy flow.

POSTPARTUM TIP: The pads can be soaked in water or your favourite healing herbal mixture, frozen and then used to help soothe the perineum in the first 1-2 days postpartum. (Note: the frozen pad should not be placed directly on the skin).

The pads in this kit are also great for overnight use once you’ve returned to your regular menstrual period.


Wrap the Pad around the gusset of your underwear and close the snap to secure. The fleece panel should be facing up (towards your body on the inside of the panty), as this is the most absorbent part of the pad. Incorrect placement may result reduced comfort and performance of the Pad.

Liners can be added as desired by inserting the ends under the ric-rac bands on the Pad. Multiple Liners may be used for increased absorbency. Pads can be refreshed as desired by removing and replacing the Liner(s). Please note that Liners are not intended to be worn without a Pad.

Kit Includes

  • 1 Overnight Pad
  • 1 Overnight Insert
  • 2 Postpartum Inserts
  • 1 Long Pad
  • 1 Long Basic Inserts
  • 2 Long Wing Inserts

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