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Struggling with incontinence? The EPI-NO Libra is the ideal partner for your pelvic floor exercise program. We all know we should do Kegels but are we doing them correctly? Are we getting stronger? The biofeedback aspect of the EPI-NO Libra allows you to connect to your pelvic floor and really see that you are using the right muscles and that you are getting stronger. (For women who will not become pregnant in the future.).


How the EPI-NO Libra Will Benefit You and Your Pelvic Floor

  • Easy to use Allows you to identify and target the pelvic floor muscles
  • Exercises can be performed at home in only 20 mins a day
  • Biofeedback gauge allows you to monitor your progress
  • Regenerates strength and tone in the pelvic floor
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for medication, surgery and uncomfortable pads
  • Increases sexual satisfaction for you and your partner
  • Allows you to regain your social confidence and freedom


How it Works

Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles restoratively or proactively. Insert the EPI·NO balloon ½ of the way into the vagina. Slowly inflate until you feel a slight resistance. Gently contract and relax your muscles against the balloon, watching the biofeedback gauge to monitor your performance. Please refer to the Pelvic Floor Training link in the resources section for the detailed training program.

If you are working with a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist or other healthcare professional, please refer to their recommendations for your training program.


The EPI-NO Libra consists of:

  • a narrow, contoured silicone balloon
  • a hand pump
  • a pressure display gauge
  • an air release valve
  • a plastic connecting tube


About Epi-No

The idea which led to the development of the EPI-NO originated in Africa where women insert calabashes/gourds of increasing size gently into the vagina to stretch the perineum and pelvic floor muscles to facilitate a natural birth and reduce the risk of perineal injury. From this age old African custom - still in use today - the soft inflatable EPI-NO balloon and birth-exercise program was conceived and developed into a modern-day medical device by Dr. Whilhelm Horkel, together with a team of gynecologists, midwives, urogenital physiotherapists and pregnant women.

The team also recognized the usefulness of the EPI-NO for women who are not pregnant but were experiencing challenges with a weak pelvic floor. EPI-NO provides a non-surgical, drug free alternative that lets women put pelvic floor wellness in the palm of their hand. Building on the Kegel exercise developed by gynecologist Dr. Arnold H. Kegel, the EPI-NO allows this simple, treatment for incontinence to become more effective through the use of biofeedback.

Manufactured by Tecsana - a German company whose name means "Gentle Technology" the EPI-NO is a revolutionary device for proactive pelvic floor wellness as well as a proven and effective tool to regenerate strength and tone to weakened pelvic floor muscles.

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