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Babybelly Groin Bands (Ab band sold separately)



The unique Babybelly groin bands velcro attach to the Babybelly Abdominal Band (sold separately).

They provide both compression and support to the pelvic floor area and immediately relieve pain caused by vulvar varicosities, inguinal or femoral hernia,pelvic area pressure, perineal edema or pubic sympysis.

Groin Bands are removable and adjustable to your comfort and support level and do not require full removal for toileting. They also attach separately to the abdominal band making adornment easy with no need to step into the garment. Freedom of movement of each groin band allows you to adjust and place the band in the area of your pain.

Machine Washable and tumble dry easy to care for. The groin band attachment is made of super soft 100% perforated neoprene with nylon laminate which creates excellent support and breatheablity.

Unique features

  • Place groin bands where you need the most support
  • Super Soft Fabric
  • Secures without stepping into garment (some of the discomforts listed make lifting the leg to step into garments painful)
  • Durable – Machine Washable
  • No Binding or Stiffness
  • Controllable, Adjustable Compression Support

Recommended for relief of

  • pelvic area pain
  • vulvar varicosities
  • hernia
  • pubic symphysis
  • edema
  • prolapsed vagina or uterus 


Pre-pregnancy Pant Size Groin Band Size
0-6 Small (groin band length = 16″)
8-18 Medium (groin band length = 18″)
20+ Large (groin band size = 20″)


Shoulder Band in picture are sold separately and provide extra lift for even more abdominal and back support as well as relieving pressure on the pelvic area, highly recommended add-on for twin or multip pregnancies.

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