EPI-NO & Pelvic Training Videos

Why Giving Birth On Your Back is Not Ideal


Prepare To Push with EPI-NO - How To Use


EPI-NO - Childbirth Trainer and Pelvic Floor Exercise Device


EPI-NO - How To Use for Pelvic Floor Training in Pregnancy


EPI-NO - How To Use for Perineal Massage in Pregnancy


How To Do A Kegel - Pelvic Floor Cues and Visualization


EPI-NO Trailer from Tecsana - Manufacturer


The Core Breath for Better Pelvic Floor and Abdominal Function


Posterior Pelvic Floor Release


Diastasis Recti - Visual Explanation


Diastasis Self Assessment - A Functional Diastasis


Squatting in preparation for labour


Birth Prep Stretches that can also be used in labour


Calf Stretch for better pelvic positioning


Psoas Release Exercise


Pelvic List Exercise


Hamstring Stretch without the 'Cheat'


Neutral Pelvis In Sitting


Laundry Squats


Stability Ball Pushup


Safer Push Ups For Those Living With Pelvic Organ Prolapse


Core Breath Added To The Bridge


Keeping Your Pelvic Floor Healthy During Pregnancy and The Postpartum Period


Squat with Lat Pull Down


BabyBellyBand - How To Use in Pregnancy