Private Sessions

Core and Pelvic Floor Movement Sessions 

You've had your babe(s) and now you are uncertain about how to get your body back. Maybe you are pregnant and want to know how to have a fantastic birth?  Or maybe you have never had kids and never will and you need some guidance on keeping your core working as you want for life.

I have a variety of tools in my toolbox to help such as Restorative Exercise™, The Hypopressive Method™, Pfilates™ and UGI™. I will assess your alignment and posture, your breathing and overall core function.  I will watch how you move and find out what you love to do.  I will assess your abdomen for diastasis recti and then send you home with a plan to ensure you have a body that works efficiently for any stage.

I work out of Rocky Point Wellness in Port Moody and Acumamas in Vancouver.  You can book online through both of those clinics by clicking on the clinic of your choice.

At this time my services are not covered by  MSP.  If you have coverage for Personal Training or Fitness in your extended health than you may be eligible for coverage.

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less back pain
flatter tummy
no more leaking
improved posture
reduction or elimination of prolapse symptoms


My goal is to see you no more than 3 times as these exercises are designed to be incorporated into your daily routine so you can be self sufficient!


Hypopressive Training

Hypopressive Training for Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse Recovery

It may look odd but the hypopressive exercise can be very effective at reducing and potentially even reversing early stage prolapse (Stage 1 or 2) as well as reducing or eliminating symptoms of stress incontinence and flattening your midsection.  You can do it 1 session at a time at your own pace or as a structured package.  

  • Do you want to treat or prevent urinary incontinence?
  • Do you want to treat or prevent hernias (inguinal, umbilical, disk)?
  • Do you want to treat or prevent organ prolapse (uterine, bladder, rectum)?
  • Do you want to have less pelvic congestion and more pelvic blood circulation and thus better sexual function?
  • Do you want to tone the abdominals and reduce waist size?
  • Do you want to normalize posture and muscle tensions?
  • Do you want to recover your core after having a baby? 

Hypopressive training addresses all of the above - look great and feel fantastic!

Here are a couple of quick videos to demonstrate 2 of the hypopressive poses.

This link will take you to a graphic, but informative, video showing the effect of coughing and crunching on a prolapse. It then show the effect of the hypopressive method on the prolapse.