Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you ship to the USA?

    Unfortunately the EPI-NO Delphine Plus and EPI-NO Libra are not available for shipment into the USA. We apologize, however due to FDA regulations, the EPI-NO units are not available for distribution into the USA.

  • What is the difference between the EPI-NO Delphine Plus and the EPI-NO Libra?

    If you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant in the future, you will want to purchase the Delphine Plus model as it is made of a thinner silicone and has the ability to stretch to a greater diameter than the Libra model. The Libra model is designed for pelvic floor muscle training and not for perineal stretching. The Delphine Plus model is designed for pelvic floor muscled training AND perineal stretching.

  • Do you have a store where I can come and pick my order up myself?

    Please visit the Retailers section of the site to locate a store near you. You can also visit the Find A Physio section to locate a Physiotherapy clinic in your area that stocks the EPI-NO.

  • What are the shipping costs and times?

    We ship via Canada Post from Vancouver, BC. Shipping times are typically 2-6 days depending on where the order is going. Some examples: Alberta and BC are typically 2 days, Manitoba and Saskatchewan 3-4 days. Ontario and Quebec 4-5 days. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 6-7 days.  Shipping is between $11.00 - $20.00 depending on where in Canada you are located.

  • What can the EPI-NO Training achieve?

    EPI-NO training occurs in 4 Stages. Stage 1 is the pelvic floor excercises (Kegel's) and can begin at any time during pregnancy. In Stage 2, the perineum is gradually stretched. This stage begins in the 37th week of pregnancy. Stage 3, again starts in the 37th week, prepares you for the sensation of delivery by easing the balloon out of the vagina. In Stage 4 the pelvic floor muscles are exercised (Kegel's) as they were prior to the birth to restore tone. This stage can begin anytime between 3-6 weeks postpartum.

  • Will the EPI-NO training promote recovery after childbirth, and how does it tone the pelvic floor muscles?

    Yes. In actual fact more and more mothers report that with post partum training with the EPI-NO, the muscles of their pelvic floor strengthened quickly and efficiently. Midwives, obstetricians and gynecologists also see the benefits of the EPI-NO in promoting vaginal muscle tone after the birth. Clinical trials currently underway are investigating the long-term effects of the EPI-NO training on recovery and pelvic floor muscle tone. Ten minutes of training every day is sufficient to restore strength to the muscles of the pelvic floor. The pointer on the pressure display gauge indicates when the balloon is compressed.

  • When should I start using my EPI-NO?

    We recommend starting the stretching phase of your EPI-NO training three weeks prior to the calculated date of your baby's birth. You can start using your EPI-NO for the strengthening at anytime during your pregnancy.

  • What is an episiotomy and what consequences can it have?

    Episiotomy is a surgical procedure in which an incision is made in the perineum during the second stage of labor when the baby's head is crowning. It was thought that an episiotomy lessened the incidence of perineal tears. The cut is surgically stitched after the birth. The practice of performing episiotomies as a standard procedure is highly controversial. Women may experience complications after an episiotomy that include: slow healing sutures; pain when urinating and during bowel movements and when sitting and walking. For many women, resumption of sexual intercourse after birth is painful and for some, long-term sexual dysfunction can result.

  • Can I start using my EPI-NO earlier to be even better prepared?

    Optimal results with the EPI-NO training stretching phase are achieved in the three weeks prior to childbirth. Commencing training earlier than the thirty-seventh week should be undertaken only under the guidance of your physician or midwife.

  • How often and for how long should I train with my EPI-NO?

    It is recommended that the EPI-NO be used once or twice daily for 10 to 20 minutes each training session.

  • Can the EPI-NO training over-expand the vagina?

    No, quite the contrary. By gradually stretching the perineum as a precautionary measure it is possible to avoid long-term perineal damage. The abdominal wall stretches and expands gradually over the course of your pregnancy whereas the perineum has a matter of hours. Training with the EPI-NO prepares the pelvic floor muscles and perineum for the stretching required in childbirth and facilitates a quicker recovery post partum.

  • Can I use the EPI-NO if I have already had a previous episiotomy or a perineal tear?

    Yes. The EPI-NO training stimulates blood circulation in the pelvic floor area and strengthens the muscles. This can make scar tissue more flexible and easier to stretch. If you have local pain and discomfort consult your physician or midwife before starting.

  • Can I unintentionally initiate premature contractions or a premature delivery by training with the EPI-NO?

    No. In the EPI-NO clinical trials there were no indications whatsoever of any premature initiation of contractions or of premature birth. The EPI-NO training should be undertaken under the guidance of your physician or midwife and should ideally begin three weeks prior to the calculated date of the birth of your child.

  • Is it possible to accidentally puncture the fetal membrane by training with the EPI-NO?

    There are no indications whatsoever from the clinical studies or from the observations made by obstetricians and midwives that it is possible to puncture the fetal membrane during the EPI-NO training.

  • Is there any risk of infection?

    If the device is cleaned and disinfected according to the Instructions for Use no increased risk of infection is expected. We recommend EPI-NO for personal use only.

  • Can the balloon burst?

    This is extremely unlikely provided the balloon is not inflated beyond 10cm. Every balloon has been tested up to the size of a football. The balloon consists of medical silicone and must be treated carefully.

  • Can I injure myself while training with the EPI-NO?

    As in all physical training, you should not exert yourself beyond your personal level of comfort. If you follow this advice there is no danger of injury. If you are not sure, do not hesitate to contact your physician or midwife.

  • How far should the balloon be inserted into the vagina during training?

    The balloon is inserted one-half of the way into the vagina. To prevent the balloon from being drawn too far into the vagina, the protruding end can be held with your hand. It will take only two or three training sessions for you to determine the optimal position of the balloon for you

  • What type of lubricant should I use?

    Any water based personal lubricant will work. Please ensure that the lubricant you use has no petroleum listed in the ingredients as this will break down the silicone in the balloon

  • If I train with the EPI-NO is it still helpful to massage the perineum?

    The EPI-NO has proven to be the most effective method in avoiding injuries to the perineum and it does involve the entire opening of the vagina. Perineal massage typically only focuses on the bottom portion of tissues. Some people choose to do both but with dedicated training with the EPI-NO it is not needed.

  • If I train with the EPI-NO is it still necessary to take part in a birth preparation course?

    Yes. A prenatal course under the supervision of a qualified professional is useful and recommended. We suggest our course - Prepare to Push and it goes into greater detail about the EPI-NO.

  • Are there any circumstances under which I should not use the EPI-NO?

    You will find information on contraindications in the Instructions for Use link in the resources section. Vaginal Varicosities and Placenta Previa are the most common contraindications. If you are not sure whether you can use the EPI-NO please contact your physician or midwife for further information.

  • My friend is expecting a baby. Should I give my EPI-NO to her?

    No. As it is not possible to sterilize the EPI-NO Birth Trainer, it is recommended for personal use only.