Your Pelvic Floor - The Inside Story
(available in eBook or Soft Cover book)

Your Pelvic Floor The Inside Story is a comprehensive and fun exploration of pelvic floor health across all the stages of womanhood: from pregnancy, through motherhood, and into menopause.

Illustrated with simple diagrams and fun, casual language, it is your ultimate guide to restoring and preserving the most important and tragically ignored part of women’s health.

Here’s a taste of what you will learn:

  • 8 critical ways a healthy core supports your health and well-being
  • How most women are doing Kegels wrong, and why the right way matters
  • The different kinds of incontinence and how you can heal them with a simple set of exercises (no drugs or diapers needed!)
  • What foods can actually damage your pelvic floor and make incontinence worse
  • How to protect your posture while pregnant
  • The relationship between your pelvic floor and back pain.
  • What you can personally do about prolapse
  • The spiritual and emotional connections to your pelvic floor
  • How you can heal diastasis recti 
  • What is a pelvic physiotherapist – and how and why you should find one
  • Plus tips from pelvic health and fitness experts all around the world!

Prepare to Push™
(available in eBook or Soft Cover book)


This book informs and empowers women with an honest, loving, and no fluff look at how pregnancy and birth changes our bodies – and how to best support these changes.

It blends fitness principles with the supporting aspect of a doula to help women achieve a more comfortable pregnancy, a fabulous birth, and a body they feel confident in all the way through motherhood.  

So many women come through childbirth wondering “why didn’t anyone tell me about this before?” and with Prepare to Push™, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s a taste of what you will learn:

  •  How to prepare your body for birth using the principle of specificity
  •  Why you should adopt the traditional practices of mother roasting
  •  What core exercises to do in pregnancy
  •  Why the first 8 weeks postpartum are critical to your longterm health
  •  The best birth positions to minimize tearing
  • The relationship between your pelvic floor and back pain.
  •  How to heal diastsis recti
  • How to optimize pushing
  • The spiritual and emotional connections to your pelvic floor

Customer Reviews

A must read for anyone who thinks kegels are the only pelvic floor exercise they need to do

"This book was amazing and gave me all the right tools I need for a successful postpartum recovery. It’s easy to read and the prenatal and postnatal plans are well laid out. Everyone typically thinks that kegels are the only thing you need to do for a strong pelvic floor, but there is actually so much more. Highly recommended!!"

Finally a resource for the physical aspect of birth

"Wish I had this book for my first pregnancy. There’s lots of resources out there about preparing mentally/emotionally for birth but this is the first I’ve seen to focus on the physical.
I love the analogy to a marathon. You wouldn’t run one without training. Yes our bodies are made for birth but it’s called labour for a reason. This book gives you some simple ways to prepare your body for that work.
Given how straightforward most of the suggestions are I might have been skeptical the first time around. But a pelvic floor physio therapist gave me a small subset of these two years after my first birth. These simple exercises ended two years of pain and suffering.
So don’t discount it because the exercises seem simple.
Thank you Kim for writing this invaluable resource."

Pregnancy Fitness
(available in soft cover only)


Your journey through a comfortable, safe, and confident pregnancy begins with Pregnancy Fitness. This practical guide answers your questions and delivers the information, exercises, and workouts you need to maintain your personal fitness and enjoy the best possible experience in welcoming your baby to the world.

Written by three experts in prenatal and postpartum fitness, pelvic floor exercise, and core restoration, Pregnancy Fitness covers all physical and physiological aspects of pregnancy, birth, and recovery so you can enjoy peace of mind throughout your pregnancy and long after delivery.

"Great information from genuine experts in their field! Truly useful, evidence-based and progressive guidance for women exercising and staying active during pregnancy, with a focus always on core and pelvic floor health and function. This is practical, educational and truly functional. A great book for all women wanting to stay active and strong during pregnancy and beyond". Wendy Powell, Founder, MUTU System.

"Pregnancy Fitness will help you stay fit and feel your best throughout your pregnancy.  After the blessed event, the advice offered here will ensure your healthy post-pregnancy return." Tosca Reno, Author and Creator of the Eat Clean Diet

"If you are pregnant or work with pregnant women, this is a MUST READ!" Ramona Braganza, Fitness Expert and Celebrity Trainer

You’ll get complete need-to-know information about hormones, body and posture changes, and common pregnancy aches and pains, along with critical information on diastasis recti and pelvic floor health, which aims to support and protect your body from core dysfunction.

A full spectrum of stretching, strengthening, and functional exercises provides the focus, description, safety tips, and variations that allow you to progress safely through your pregnancy and to be physically prepared for birth and optimal recovery. The sample workout programs guide you through each phase of pregnancy, including postpartum, to help you establish and meet your personal fitness goals with comfort and confidence.