Poop better with Squatty Potty!


The Core Confidence Exercise program from Bellies Inc is THE TOOL for safe and effective core exercise during and after pregnancy


The After Baby AB Tank is part of a complete system designed to be purchased in pregnancy so you set yourself up for recovery!


I LOVE UGI - one piece of equipment, 30 minutes and can be modified for diastasis and pelvic floor dysfunction too! 



Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls - The Balls (hee hee...always a funny word...) that I recommend for pelvic floor release work 



The MUTU System by Wendy Powell - amazing program!!

MuTu Systems 


A fantastic resource about diastasis including some home workouts!

 Experts on Diastasis Recti Online Course


Online Doula Certification


Ditch The Pill!