About Kim Vopni - The Vagina Coach

Hi, I’m Kim!

I’m on a mission to break through taboos and redefine how we think about women’s health.

I work with women in all stages of life like pregnancy, motherhood and menopause.  I want women to know their pelvic floor so they can overcome their challenges and regain a sense of control and power in their lives.

I didn't grow up dreaming of becoming a pelvic health evangelist.

For the longest time I thought I would never have a child. My mom had some health complications resulting from her pregnancies and I wanted none of that.

Eventually, I choose to start a family and when I found out I was  pregnant, I was terrified. I was gripped by fear and anxiety. I just couldn’t understand how this giant baby was going to come out of my vagina and leave me able to enjoy sex, and not leak urine during exercise.

I'm a fitness professional so I took a very training-oriented approach. I found some fantastic midwives who told me about the EPI-NO. I read everything I could and prepared my body as best I could with what I knew.

When my first son was born, he crowned sideways – the widest possible orientation.

But amazingly, I had no tearing, abrasions, or other damage. The midwives were astonished. Now, I certainly credit them but they also felt that the EPI-NO played a role in the positive outcome I had.

My baby boy come out at a healthy 8 pounds 3 ounces, measuring 53 cm long, with a head circumference of 35.5 cm :)

I knew I needed to tell others about the EPI-NO and that was the spark that ignited the fire.

I fell in love with being a mama and felt I had to help empower other women with the experience and knowledge I acquired. I embarked on a mission to teach women how to get their pelvic floor rockin and took every training and certification I could find.

In the process, I learned how little most women know about their own bodies and how many of us are suffering in silence – too embarrassed to say anything. Assuming we are alone, broken, and condemned to pads for life.

I’ve combined everything I’ve learned in the last decade of helping women prepare for birth and restore their pelvic floor health and I have put it all here on Vagina Coach!

Take some time, explore, check out my videos. I offer a lot of different courses, coaching, and information – there’s something for everyone, wherever you’re at in life.

If you care about qualifications, here there are;


I hold a BA in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario and a Post Graduate Diploma in Health and Fitness from Simon Fraser University. I am a Restorative Exercise Specialist™, a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Pre/Post Natal Fitness Consultant, a Certified Fitness For Fertility Specialist, a Certified Pfilates Instructor and a Hypopressive Method trainer.  


My Other Business 

In 2011 I collaborated with a pre/postnatal fitness specialist and a pelvic floor physiotherapist to form Bellies Inc.   We created a system to help women train their core safely in pregnancy and heal their abdominal wall postpartum.

The Ab System is fast becoming the 'must have' for pregnant women everywhere!


We also formed an education side to our business where we offer women's health and fitness courses for fitness and allied health professionals.


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