• Your Pace Yoga DVD: Optimizing Bladder Control

Your Pace Yoga DVD: Optimizing Bladder Control

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Join Dustienne Miller, a board certified women’s health physical therapist and Kripalu Yoga teacher, to learn how to optimize your bladder control in a pleasurable, fun way. She invites you to use the breath in coordination with specific yoga postures to help strengthen the muscles that control bladder function.

Each gentle movement is clearly demonstrated, in this user-friendly, stress-relieving home practice, serving as a holistic adjunct to pelvic floor physical therapy and traditional urological approaches.

This specially-designed program contains three express flows:

The Gravity Eliminated Flow (practiced lying on your back): designed to encourage pelvic floor activation and coordination in a position that puts the least amount of load on the pelvic floor.

The Standing Flow: adds the additional challenge of balance and increased physical control.

The Calming Flow: recommended for urge incontinence. Bladder control tips and a comprehensive overview of incontinence are highlighted on the bonus tracks.

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