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  • vSculpt - Only 1 left!
  • vSculpt - Only 1 left!

vSculpt - Only 1 left!


For improved bladder control and greater sexual self-confidence, strengthen and tone your pelvic floor area with vSculpt - a Health Canada approved Medical Device from Joylux™.

Utilizing a unique blend of therapeutic light, gentle heat, vibration, and Photonic Gel™(sold separately), vSculpt:

  • Strengthens and tones the pelvic floor for improved bladder control
  • Rejuvenates the vaginal tissue for increased sensation, tone, and lubrication
  • Enhances sexual wellness for improved confidence and pleasure


How it Works:

When our skin and body tissue absorbs light from LEDs (light-emitting diodes), well-defined therapeutic benefits are generated. Specifically, light in the red and infrared spectrum has restorative and healing properties and helps energize cells to up-regulate their cellular function and increase the natural production of collagen and elastin.

Light energy also converts to heat and helps increase blood flow. When applied to the perineal region, it increases oxygen, proteins, and nutrients to help heal the perineal muscles.

Therapeutic vibration helps tighten the muscles of the pelvic floor to increase muscle tone.

Our Photonic Gel (sold separately) supports the transfer of light into the tissue, while also making the device more enjoyable to use.

When combined, these create the Harmonic Rejuvenation Process – vSculpt’s innovative approach to pelvic floor toning and vaginal rejuvenation.

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