Reiki Baby! - Guest post from Gina Cook

My intention of writing this blog is to encourage you to discover the benefits and beauty of reiki for both you and your baby. The first question you may have is - what is reiki? To put it simply, reiki is a form of energy healing. It is a Japanese practice that is the art and science of channeling universal energy, and promotes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. 

During a reiki session, the body is balanced and brought to a calm relaxed state. This is done with either light touch to the body or no touch at all. The warm unseen energy is felt throughout the body as the practitioners hands are placed around the seven main chakras of the body. You are probably wondering, what am I doing while this is going on? Well, you are on a comfortable massage table, fully clothed, and lying on your back (or on your side if pregnant), for a full 60 minute session. The practitioner starts at the crown chakra (head) and moves slowly around your entire body passing all 7 chakras. 

As a level 3 reiki practitioner I like to describe it a session like warm sunshine running through your body, with the energy knowing where to go to heal. It is beautiful, calming, loving, non-judgemental, and simply fascinating. No one session is the same and it will keep you wanting more.

Think of yourself like an onion with many layers that you cannot see. As one surface heals, another layer surfaces. This is the fascinating part of reiki -  we are powerful and ultimately can heal ourselves. Now that you have an understanding of what reiki is, let’s get into reiki and pregnancy and the benefits it can have. 

Ah, pregnancy, what a beautiful, life changing experience us women get to have! The changes in our body, our hormones, and the recovery!For early pregnancy (first trimester) moms they will often report they had little to no nausea at all! I would have benefited from this big time, if only I was aware of reiki at the time of my pregnancies. Other’s reported increased energy levels, ease in their pregnancies, relief from back discomfort and more sound sleeping.   

When an expectant mom comes for a session she enters the room in a busy state - Mom mentally, and baby physically. They both transition together shifting into a theta rhythm which is a very restful, meditative, but still aware state. It becomes visible that baby has slowed his/her activity level and is in tune with the loving energy flowing through their mom.  

Now, if you are reading this and you are wanting to conceive and are having a difficult time doing so, reiki is also beneficial in promoting fertility. Going to consistent reiki sessions with the focus is on the sacral chakra (lower abdomen) and some meditation homework for mom, has led to multiple, successful pregnancies. Side fact -  reiki is also used in the labor room for natural pain relief. 

So how about after the babies are born, after receiving reiki for 40 weeks in the womb? These babies/children are known as "reiki babies" in the reiki community are typically calm, content, and sleep through the night very early on. I didn’t have reiki in my life when I was pregnant, which was ten years ago,  however,  my girls receive reiki sessions at home now - even my three year old! They ask for it when they feel out of sorts, can’t sleep, or are sick. They are open and willing to have a 10 - 15 minute session to bring calmness or energy into their day. 

Check it out for yourself!

Gina Cook
Rgd reiki practitioner/ inspirational designer 
Barb Weston
Reiki Master